Can you explain your PhD in the pub?

Are you interested in knowing what research goes on in Leeds?

Welcome to PubhD Leeds!

PubhD is a scheme for PhD students to explain their research. In a pub. To anyone who’s interested.

PubhD events are run once a month, at Baht’ap in the city centre. Each evening comprises talks from three speakers – we aim for one scientific, one arts/humanities, and one ‘in between’. Talks are 10 minutes long, and should be pitched at ‘pub level’ – no complex jargon! Then there’s plenty of time for questions (which should not be scary or testing!).

We ask all those who attend to donate £1 each. This goes straight towards buying a drink for each speaker!

PubhD is already well established in some cities across the UK and beyond – Nottingham was the first branch, and their website (with loads of information) is here


If you’re interested, contact us or follow us on facebook or twitter