Attend an event:

Are you interested in academic research? Would you like to discover what PhD students in and around Leeds actually do?

Welcome to PubhD Leeds!

PubhD is a scheme run by PhD students at the University of Leeds to give PhD students a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in which to talk about their research. In a pub. To anyone who is interested.

PubhD events take place at Slocken in Leeds city centre on the third Wednesday of every month. Each evening comprises talks from three speakers – we aim for one scientific, one arts/humanities, and one ‘in between’. Talks are 10 minutes long and speakers have only a whiteboard to aid them, no Powerpoint presentations. Talks should be pitched at ‘pub level’, using no complex jargon! After each talk there will be plenty of time for questions (which should not be scary or testing, only inquisitive).

We ask all those who attend to donate £1 each. This goes straight towards buying a drink for each speaker!

PubhD is already well established in some cities across the UK and beyond – Nottingham was the first branch, and their website (with loads of information) is here.


Speak at an event:

Can you explain your PhD in the pub? Do you want the opportunity to describe your research at ‘pub level’? Would you like a free drink?

We, the PubhD management team would like to invite you to present your PhD research to an eager audience with little previous knowledge of your subject area. Most speakers give a general overview of their research and maybe a little bit about what they’re working on at the moment, we provide you with a whiteboard to aid you.

If you are interested in presenting please contact us and we will try and schedule you in for a slot as soon as possible.

If you’re interested, contact us or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.